EXCITING. Tomorrow i start working at H&M.


DAYS. And life continues. Waking up 1030pm. Hanging on the beach 11am to 03pm. Eating ciabatta at home. Haning out at mc do with Js computer, wifi. Eating a royal chees 05pm. Taking a shower before going to the cinema or old town. Going to bed 01am.

Raval and barri gotic

20:45. Next city, barcelona? Are you with me S?

Just chilling, nothing else

210909. Livet nu för tiden: playan, dundergoa frukostar, dans på wayne's och vodka/redbull. Väldigt mkt vodka/redbull.

Interview with Mr. Cohen


Pics from barca, update and some praying

UNEDITED. Since my HP crashed about a week ago i can't edit my photos. So for now on it's gonna be ugly at mademoiselle. Anyway, update from Nice: i work at a café with only asocial bulgarians. I hate it. But tomorrow i have an interview at H&M. Oh please God give me the job.


This is not funny anymore. I'm shaking, feeling down. Want to cry, dont really know why. Want to call dad.

God hates me

UPDATE. Det nya livet i Nice har precis borjat men jag har haft valdigt manga hinder pa vagen. Har en bla overlapp, ett ciggpaket som planbok, en crashad dator, en kompis som borjar bli skallig pga mig nar jag forsvann i barcelona. Har hant en hel del skit det senaste, men nu borjar jag fa lite tur. Var pa en jobbintervju idag som gick bra, ska dit imon och provjobba. Det verkar valdigt chill, café/bar pa en mysig turistgata med uteservering. Annars har jag mest hangt pa stranden. Blir nog lite daligt med bloggandet framover; har varken dator eller internet i lagenheten.

I heart barca

01:10. Tomorrow i'm leaving barcelona. I don't want to, i love this city.

Lessons i've learned these past travelling days through europe

1. Do not mess with H, then you get thrown into a fucking poubelle (a bin) and draged around in the middle of the streets in paris 2. Do not forget your global interrail pass when you're going out travelling, then you have to pay for new train tickets 3. Do not wave with your arms when you're drunk while someone near you is holding a camera (it will smash down and break, sorry E) 4. Do not mess with P, then you get ice cubs down your pants 5. Do not, DEFINITELY NOT, fall asleep in the middle of the night on the beach in barcelona, then you get mugged.

Paris #3

Paris #2

Paris #1