Quelqu'un a du feu?

PLANS. I'm going to monaco tonight. I'll dance to sexy bitch and then sleep at a five star hotel. Let's party and fuck the rest.

At our french balcony

YEY. Ikväll kommer C hit!


I heart barca

01:10. Tomorrow i'm leaving barcelona. I don't want to, i love this city.

I (L) my new studded bag

23:05. Looking at changeling and trying to convince E not to kill herself. I love that blondie, and my bag.

Yesterday 22.08.09

Hanging high

PREFERENCES. Wang look-alike, leopard scarf, wesc headphones, black cap, studded bag. I had lunch with S and C today at le petit café. Recap during three hours.

What am i to do? should i go home still sober or should i buy me another glass of wine and forget about time?

090820. I put on a party dress and some makeup. Went to a birthday party, had a glass of something, talked to old classmates and then i took the bus home. I wasn't in the mood. I'm gonna watch a crappy movie instead and wait for my dad to come home. He got me some presents from shanghai.

På landet

DARK. Time to say good night.

You're staring me down, a glance makes me weak, eyes for striking

WET. Today i swam 20 lengths, 1 km. It took 32 min. I'm gonna do the same tomorrow. But faster. Time to make something eatable. Sisters coming over tonight.

Ctrl Copy

999,90. I bought the chloé shoes today, ate a QP menu and talked about the future with S. For once we are really starting to plan for the riviera. I wanna travel, i'm fed up with gothenburg.

The sweeping insensitivity of this still life

NALICK. Cause you can't jump the track, we're like cars on a cable. And life's like an hourglass, glued to the table. No one can find the rewind button.


FCK. I: "I'm red like santas outfit". Sis: "No, you're shining like a redlight". None of it is particularly charming.

On Ps roof

01:16. And i'm home, back in gothenburg. I miss paris already but i'm sure i'm gonna have some nice adventures here too.


NEW. Wesc headphones and H&M sweater.

Cent pourcent pur jus pressé

SNAKE. It's too hot! Normally i shouldn't complain but now i am since there's no sea in paris. So instead of bathing i'm sitting twenty centimeters from the breeze i found in the apartment yesterday drinking tropicana orange juice with pulp. Btw i found a cool ring the other day. Ps i'm gonna miss you LL.

August 15,16&17. Bethel, New York. Summer festival. Three days, not hours, of music.

00:00. My throat hurts and i just figured out that i hate food that is hard to eat. Fucking chicken legs. Btw it's a new tee.


MNT. Käkar chocolate midnight cookies och lyssnar på chill/crapy smörj musik.

Woke up one the good side

13:30. Idag vaknade jag upp på ett riktigt bra humör, det var ett tag sen. P kom förbi med frukost och nu ska jag ut i solen och käka sushi. Glädjen är tillbaka, old emma is back! Bisous.

Just FUCK it

... nu börjar jag bli jävligt trött på det här. Det är fan folks känslor som står på spel.

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