I'm off

XOXO. See you in paris.

Röda sten, öckerö

Vicky christina barcelona

VCB. One of my favorite movies. I just love it.

Paris tout simple

FR. Dans six jours je serai de retour à paris. Gare de l'est 12:34.


20:39. Comfy clothes, dirty hair, coke and chocolate. It's gonna be an awesome friday night.

Tempo has reached critical level

ADRENALINE. I just love it. Enormously. Three hours in a row. No thinking. Music, sweat, music. Following. Improvising. Nothing else matters. No shilly-shallying, no stress. Rhythm. Adrenaline. Being me. Inside, outside. Complete. Filled with joy. Joy. It's been a while. It's been too long. Somewhere else. Gone for a while. Away. Feelings. Unrecognized. Gone.

A lot like sisters

00:07. Update nice: we got an apartment. A very nice one. Big and cheap, whit white walls and parquet flooring.

Copenhagen, karlsruhe, paris, perpignan, barcelona, montpellier, nice

TRIP. The trip is booked! S and I are leaving mölndal august 27. We're taking the train all the way from gothenburg to nice. I'm really looking forward to our two days in paris and four days in barcelona. And september 03 our new lives starts in nice. I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!


À la folie

ELLE. Tu me fais toujours rire. Je t'adore petite soeure.

By the shed


060609. Pics from a roadtrip with J in june.

Cyberlink youcam

Sam, willy and the enormous gull

SAMSAM. I've been with S these last couple of days. I've missed you darling. Now we are planning our future together, the french riviera, paris and new york. It seems really good, i just need some money...

Eggshells, häagendazs ice cream, overweight and lacquered tights

16:14. Random pics from paris II.

Si tu me disais ta soif est-ce que ca calmerait la mienne?

17:07. Random pics from paris.

Ps. guess what

SEVENTEEN. It was sis bday yesterday. We ate strawberry cake with svedbergarna and talked about memories. It's pretty nice to be home but i forgot that 15 degrees and rain is normal during the summer here. Time to eat the rest of the cake.

Neighbourly love

SHOT. The evening started with our old neighbour giving us a bottle of wine. "Have fun tonight, you wont be twenty forever!". Of course we listened to his advice. The party went on until six in the morning, then everybody fell asleep. S in the bathtub, V on a wood bench, T in the bed, Y in the sun chair and the rest on the sofa.

Buzenval 75020

THE BLOCK. I'm gonna miss my block when i leave. It's scab and noisy but i like it that way. Gotta shower, it's time to throw a moving out party.


VINCE. V came to paris for a couple of days. To sum up; we had an unsteady walk at bastille, got rejected by a blind old man, sang bob marley with a bunch of tourists, hung out at champs de mars with his helicopter friends and i got a handmade HD lighter.

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